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Instructional & Information Services Chargeback

Definition: This policy governs the delivery of state-funded technology services to units of the University that are self-supporting or are funded by other than state General Fund revenues. The policy also applies to units funded by the state General Fund in certain circumstances. The policy includes a broad range of technology support and development services which include but are not limited to: 1) Academic Technology Services - SmartClassroom Installation & Maintenance, Web Design & Development, Online Course Development, Email Support, Computer System Support, Equipment Checkout, Event Support. 2) Telecommunications & Network Operations - Computer System Support, Network Connectivity & Services, Help Desk Services, Telephone Services, Equipment Relocation. 3) Systems Development & Software Engineering Services - Database Development & Support, Application Development & Support, Special Training Sessions
Authority: Executive Order 753: Allocation of Costs to Auxiliary Enterprises.
Scope: This policy applies to Cal State San Marcos and its auxiliary organizations.
Responsible Division: Student Affairs
Approval Date: 06/17/2002
Originally Implemented: 06/17/2002
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Operations performed in support of the institutional mission are supported by the State of California General Fund. Directing those resources to campus units that are independently funded, is generally disallowed. This policy sets up a system of charges that shall be used when such units avail themselves of services performed by Instructional & Information Technology Services (IITS). These charges may, from time to time, be amended with the concurrence of the Provost.


Units not supported by General Fund revenues shall be charged for services provided by Instructional & Information Technology Services. In cases involving major projects or services that go beyond those considered "baseline", units supported by the General Fund may also be charged. (See attached fee schedule.) Such projects will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Auxiliary and self-support units will be charged a fee for basic services as indicated below. Units will have the option of procuring many of the listed services outside the University. (Some services may require access to campus resources not available from an outside vendor). Units choosing to use the services of Instructional & Information Technology Services should complete the Technology Service Request Form. A representative of the appropriate IITS unit will arrange a free consultation meeting. That meeting will determine the parameters of the job, including scope of work and time frame, and will result in an estimate and preliminary schedule.

Annual Basic Non-General Fund or Self-Support Service Fee: A basic level of services would be provided for a fixed annual fee. The fee is an estimate of normal annual service needs based on past experience. It assumes a typical level of service and use. Such problems as do arise are assumed to be resolvable with less than three hours of labor. The overall retainer fee would be payable annually in July and non-refundable.

Per project fees: Projects may be contracted at the hourly rate. Each of those projects would involve a free initial meeting to determine the parameters of the job, which would result in an estimate of the overall costs of the project. If the project begins, the costs would be charged on an hourly basis for work actually performed, but would not exceed the initial maximum estimate. Thus the client might be charged less than the estimate but could not be charged more.

The basic fee and the non-general fund per-hour fee have components for benefit costs that are reimbursable to the general fund benefits pool.