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Interim Policy for Integrating Temporary Faculty

Definition: A policy incorporating temporary faculty in the life of the campus.
Authority: University President
Scope: All Temporary Faculty
Responsible Division: Academic Affairs
Approval Date: 01/29/2007
Originally Implemented: 01/29/2007
Signature Page/PDF: View Signatures for Interim Policy for Integrating Temporary Faculty Policy


  1. Where possible, temporary faculty should be offered their appointments as soon as possible before the semester.
  2. Whenever possible, the same collegiality important to tenure-track faculty should be extended to temporary faculty.
  3. Teaching supplies common to tenure-track faculty in each department should be provided for temporary faculty.
  4. A college document of criteria that conforms to the CBA should be in place for the evaluation of temporary faculty.
  5. When possible, temporary faculty names should be included in the schedule of classes.
  6. Regular orientations should be held for department chairs regarding temporary faculty and temporary faculty issues, including copies of relevant documents and information about temporary faculty.
  7. Temporary faculty should be invited to attend campus-wide events.