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International Student Tuition Waiver Policy

Authority: CSU Executive Order 605
Responsible Division: Academic Affairs
Approval Date: 08/21/1997
Originally Implemented: 08/21/1997
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Executive Order 605 (July 21, 1993) authorizes campus presidents to waive nonresident tuition for students who are citizens and residents of foreign countries (referred to as "foreign students") attending California State University on an exchange or non-exchange basis. The number of tuition waivers available to non-exchange undergraduate students may not exceed 7.5 percent of the foreign students in residence. The number of tuition waivers for non-exchange graduate students may not exceed 25 percent of the nonresident graduate students on campus. The campus is not under any obligation to grant any tuition waivers, and waivers that are granted may be partial or total. One total fee waiver is the equivalent of 30 units per academic year.


The primary purpose of the tuition waiver is to recognize foreign students enrolled at CSU San Marcos who "display exceptional scholastic ability and prior scholastic achievement." (EO 605) The tuition waiver is neither intended to be a recruitment mechanism, nor as a form of financial aid based on need. All foreign students are expected to be in a position to bear the full cost of their education as a condition of being admitted on a nonimmigrant visa.


Applicants must be citizens and residents of foreign countries. Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible, and must have been in residence for at least one semester at the time of application. Undergraduate students must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit units to maintain their waiver and graduate students must either be enrolled in ten units or be enrolled as graduate students and be employed by the University less than full time, but at least twenty hours per week.

No minimum GPA is required, but the overall academic record of the student will be considered, especially work done at CSU San Marcos. Among the criteria that will be considered in addition to the studentĀ“s scholastic record will be diversity among students selected, including geographical distribution, when possible. Economic need will not have to be demonstrated.


Awards will be made each year in the spring semester for the following academic year. Applicants may obtain an application form from the Office of University Global Affairs, which must be completed and returned no later than March 1. The University Global Affairs Committee will serve as the review body, and will make recommendations to the President who will decide to whom and the number (if any) of tuition waivers that will be granted.


The duration of the tuition waiver will normally be one academic year. Partial waivers will be granted for three or more credit units per semester.

Recipients of fee waivers will be expected to perform some form of service to the University. Recipients will be assigned a project based on their interests and needs of the University. The Office of Global Affairs will maintain a pool of appropriate projects and make and monitor assignments.