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Legal Costs Recovery

Definition: As a public institution, it is the policy of California State University San Marcos to safeguard the fiduciary interests of the campus and general public. Cal State San Marcos may elect to pursue recovering any legal costs referred to in the Notice of Entry of Judgment and Award of Costs per court documents. This may be done as a result of litigation brought against the university, and a positive legal decision for the university. Risk Management and Safety is the department responsible to take the appropriate action necessary to recover these legal costs. This action includes, but may not be limited to, the garnishing of wages, contracting the services of a collection agency, and recording of a judgment lien against real property.
Authority: Enforcement of Judgments Law, Code of Civil Procedure Sections 680.010, et seq. A legal judgment of the court; the campus President. Revision to this policy is the responsibility of Risk Management and Safety as submitted to the Chief Financial Officer/Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services and approved by the President.
Scope: Applies to any legal judgments awarded to the university.
Responsible Division: Finance & Administrative Services
Approval Date: 07/21/2003
Originally Implemented: 07/21/2003
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