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Letters of Support - External Organizations

Definition: Routinely, an organization, agency, or foundations external to the University will request a letter from the president of CSUSM in support of a grant or funding application/ reapplication, or in general support of a community-based project or activity that may be aligned with or of interest to the University. Any such request from an external entity is to be directed to the Vice President for Community Engagement (VPCE) for review and coordination to ensure that: (1) the request is relevant and appropriate for CSUSM's response; (2) the letter is drafted appropriately, contains the relevant information, and carries the signature of the appropriate individual (typically the President); (3) is handled according to the requested timeline; and (4) there is only one letter of support being provided by the University, unless deemed otherwise appropriate by the VPCE.
Authority: University President
Scope: CSUSM faculty, staff, students, and external/community organizations requesting letters of support from the University president for non-University initiated or managed projects.
Responsible Division: Community Engagement
Approval Date: 10/03/2011
Originally Implemented: 10/03/2011
Signature Page/PDF: View Signatures for Letters of Support - External Organizations Policy