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Motor Vehicle Assistance

Definition: It is the policy of California State University San Marcos that the University Police Department assists motorists to the best of their ability to reduce hazards and to protect persons and property. All assistance for a disabled vehicle will be conducted within legal and safe practical standards. The first priority is safety.
Authority: Education Code 89560 and the President of the university
Scope: This policy and any related procedures apply to all areas and members of the campus community
Responsible Division: Finance & Administrative Services
Approval Date: 04/24/2000
Originally Implemented: 04/12/2000
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The modern motor vehicle contains electronic ignitions, power door locks, and in some cases side door air bags. Assisting a motorist requires a technician who has the proper tools and training to deal with such devices and other problems. The University Police Department has limitations to effectively deal with the technology of today's motor vehicles. The first priority of the University Police Department is the personal safety of a person.


For assistance with a disabled vehicle, call the University Police Department at (760)750-4567, or from a campus telephone, ext. 4567.


A) To the best of their ability based upon the information provided, the dispatcher will determine the nature of the disability, identify the location of the vehicle, and explain how the department can help.

B) The options available include:

  1. Send an officer to further evaluate and assist.
  2. Transport the person to a safe location or a public telephone.
  3. Call an automotive service company to correct the problem.
  4. Call a family member or friend.


A) Evaluate the situation. Offer assistance, which reduces hazards and risks to persons and property.

B) With regard to requests for battery jumps, the officer will offer the citizen one of the following alternatives:

  1. Have the dispatcher call an auto service company of the person's choice.
  2. Have the dispatcher call a tow company from the department´s tow company rotation list.
  3. Give a ride to a nearby public phone or service station.
  4. Have dispatch contact a friend, spouse, or personal mechanic.

C) Vehicles that need to be left on campus will be locked and given special patrol attention.