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Shipping and Receiving

Definition: The Shipping and Receiving department of Materials Management shall be the central receiving location for all tangible property acquired by the university. Delivery methods that do not utilize central receiving require prior approval by Procurement & Support Services. Shipping and Receiving shall be the university shipping location for UPS outgoing shipments, and shall perform delivery services to departments for incoming shipments to the University. Shipping and Receiving will provide support for Central Stores, Property Management, Records Management and Campus Storage functions of Materials Management.
Authority: State Administrative Manual (SAM) 3800-3885. The establishment of Shipping & Receiving is authorized by the Director of Procurement & Support Services, with the approval of the CFO, as a service to the campus community.
Scope: This policy and any related procedures apply to all areas and members of the campus community.
Responsible Division: Finance & Administrative Services
Approval Date: 10/24/2003
Originally Implemented: 10/24/2003
Signature Page/PDF: View Shipping and Receiving Policy


The primary responsibility of Shipping & Receiving is to establish and implement procedures for the receipt, shipment, documentation and distribution of official university goods, materials, equipment and supplies in support of university-related functions.
The purpose of this guide is to acquaint the campus community with the services available through Shipping & Receiving and the procedures necessary to obtain those services. 
Shipping & Receiving is the primary point to receive, process, document, transport and redistribute all incoming material. 
Shipping & Receiving is located in the Warehouse building of the University Services Building complex. 
Shipping & Receiving
California State University San Marcos
441 La Moree Road
San Marcos, CA 92078 
8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday through Friday 
General Information 760-750-4535
Fax Number 760-750-3390
Procurement Services 760-750-4555 
All material and equipment procured by the university is accepted by Shipping & Receiving with the exception of material that is picked up by, or delivered directly to, departments. Incoming shipments are counted to verify if carriers' manifest or log quantity agrees with the actual count. Any shortages, overages or damages are noted on the bill of lading. 
A. Deliveries 
Deliveries are accepted during operating hours. Any visible damage is noted as a formal exception on the bill of lading and acknowledged with the driver's signature. If damage is present, the carton is opened and the contents are inspected. If necessary, photographs are taken for documentation purposes. 
UPS packages are logged and inspected for external damage before delivery to the addressee. Packages are opened by Shipping & Receiving only when a Purchase Order is referenced or when it is necessary to identify a recipient. 
C. Overnight Carriers 
All overnight carriers deliver packages directly to Shipping & Receiving. 
D. C.O.D. Shipments 
Shipping & Receiving does not accept C.O.D. shipments. C.O.D. shipments will be refused and returned to the sender. 
E. Personal Packages 
Shipping & Receiving does not accept/process personal shipments. All personal packages will be refused and returned to the sender. 
A. Material Received On Purchase Orders 
1. The package is thoroughly inspected for exterior damage. If damage is noted, Shipping & Receiving will take appropriate action.

2. The package is opened and the contents are verified against the purchase order and the vendor's packing slip. Purchase Orders deemed sensitive by mutual agreement of Shipping & Receiving and the requesting Department will be excluded from being opened by Shipping and Receiving personnel.

3. Departments receiving unopened orders are required to inspect and verify the contents in a receiving capacity, sign for receipt and forward packing list and/or invoice to Shipping & Receiving for data input and payment approval.

4. Orders that are opened by Shipping & Receiving personnel will be delivered with two copies of the vendors packing list. One copy is for the Department's records and one copy will be signed by the Department to acknowledge receipt and retained by Shipping & Receiving personnel.

5. Receiving personnel must obtain a signature from an authorized departmental representative prior to the release of any delivery.

6. If material meets the capitalization limits (see Property Accounting Policy & Procedure) it will be tagged by the Property Office.

7. Shipping & Receiving personnel do not inspect CSUSM Foundation purchase orders. Recipients should report any discrepancies to the Foundation. 
Once departments have received their material, it is important to inspect it in a timely manner. The ordering department must make the final decision as to the accuracy of the order. It is extremely important that any discrepancies be reported to the appropriate Procurement Buyer as soon as possible; vendors may not accept claims that are not filed in a timely manner. 
1. Wrong Material
Contact the appropriate Procurement Buyer with the purchase order number, the date you received the material, and the discrepancy. Please retain the material, the original packaging and the documentation until contacted by Procurement. 
2. Defective/Damaged Material 
Please provide a thorough description of the damage or defect to your Procurement Buyer. 
3. Overshipments/Shortages 
It is important to report all overshipments/shortages immediately to your Procurement Buyer. 
1. Material with Insufficient Information 
Packages with insufficient information to identify ordering departments or individuals will be refused or returned. 
2. Materials Picked Up from Vendor by Department 
When you have requested a "pick-up by department" order, it is necessary to notify Shipping & Receiving when the pick-up is completed. Department forwards the vendor packing list to Shipping & Receiving for processing. Department must also notify the Property Office of any equipment picked up with a value of $ 1,500 or more for purposes of asset tracking and tagging. 
3. Materials Delivered Directly to Department 
There are occasions when the vendor delivers material directly to the department. Follow the procedures for Materials Picked Up from Vendor by Department. 
4. Shipments Requiring Refrigeration 
Upon receipt, Shipping & Receiving will place refrigerated packages in a standard refrigerator/freezer until delivery. If the package is on a purchase order, the packing slip will be pulled and copied for delivery and Shipping & Receiving records.
5. Receipt of Live Animals 
Upon receipt, the appropriate department will be notified of a live animal shipment.
6. Hazardous Materials 
Hazardous materials will be forwarded to the ordering department for processing and receipt. Copies of the packing slips will be forwarded to Risk Management & Safety. 
7. Radioactive Materials 
Shipping & Receiving notifies Risk Management & Safety for processing and receipt. 
8. Controlled Substances 
Shipping & Receiving notifies Risk Management & Safety for processing and receipt. 
1. Express deliveries that are not picked up will be delivered the same day as long as they are received prior to the daily scheduled delivery run.

2. Refrigerated/perishable material will be delivered the same day as long as they are received prior to the daily scheduled delivery run.

3. All other materials are delivered within 3 working days.

4. Regular scheduled deliveries are made daily.

5. A daily delivery log is maintained by Shipping & Receiving. 


A. General Information 

Shipping and Receiving provides packing and shipping services for outgoing material. All shipments must relate to official university business and all requests must have a valid account number to be processed. Shipping & Receiving uses UPS for most outgoing shipments. If package does not meet UPS requirements, Shipping & Receiving selects a freight company to handle the shipment and department is charged accordingly. Outgoing shipments must be accompanied by pre-printed shipping labels. 


Charges for all outgoing UPS shipments are billed directly to departmental accounts as designated at the time of shipment. This includes all UPS ground, air, and overnight shipments that are initiated by a department or relate to items returned on state purchase orders. If the recipient is paying for the shipment, Shipping & Receiving requires the recipient's UPS account number for third party billing. An optional method for shipping at the recipient's expense is for the recipient to issue a UPS call tag through their local UPS representative. In all cases, Shipping & Receiving must be contacted to pick up the outgoing shipment from the requesting department. 

C. Foreign Shipments 

Contact Mail and Copy Center. 

D. Federal Express 

Contact Mail and Copy Center