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Student Attendance & Administrative Withdrawal

Responsible Division: Academic Affairs
Approval Date: 03/23/1997
Originally Implemented: 03/23/1997
Related Documents and Forms: Document 1


In order to ensure that other students have access to unused enrollment opportunities, students must be present at the initial course meeting to guarantee their place in a course. Instructors have the option of making enrollment in a course contingent upon attendance at the first class meeting, or any other class meetings during the first two weeks of classes. This policy will be implemented as follows: 

§ Notice of this policy will be printed in the Schedule of Classes.

§ Students who are unable to attend the first class meeting, or other class meetings where attendance is required for enrollment, must contact their instructor in advance to make sure the instructor is aware that they wish to remain enrolled in the course. Instructors may determine if extenuating circumstances made it impossible for students who missed the first class meeting to make the required contact.

§ Instructors who wish to make enrollment contingent upon attendance at class meetings beyond the first class meeting must inform students of the attendance requirement at the first class meeting.

§ Instructors are not required to drop students for absence; therefore, students should not assume that they will be dropped for absence., and should confirm their registration status prior to the deadline for adds/drops.

§ Prompt submission of administrative drops forms* will permit students to confirm their registration status (via SMART) and students waiting to add the class to do so without uncertainty about their status; therefore, instructors wishing to drop students from courses administratively must submit the drop form to Admissions and Records within one working day of the first missed class meeting. 

*Admissions and Records form needed.

Change to Procedure for Adds/Drops
Students desiring to add courses to their schedule after the first day of classes must obtain a signature from the instructor in charge of the course, or the instructor´s designee. Students wishing to drop courses after this time do not need the permission of the instructor and may use the SMART system to drop courses.