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Student Evaluation of Instruction Team Taught Courses

Definition: It is up to the unit to determine how individual instructors will be evaluated in team taught courses. Because there are many models of team taught courses, it is impossible to come up with a succinct policy that handles all possible configurations.
Responsible Division: Academic Affairs
Approval Date: 11/09/1996
Originally Implemented: 11/09/1996
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Instructions for the Instructor of the Course:

  1. A copy of the evaluation forms may be distributed in advance to allow students time to consider the items and to provide type-written responses to the open-ended questions.
  2. Please choose two students to administer this evaluation in class or to collect the forms on the date specified by the instructor.
  3. The Instructor must leave the room during the in-class evaluation process (15-20 minutes).

Instructions for the Two Students Administering this Evaluation:

  1. Distribute one official scantron form and one open-ended questions form to each student in the class including yourself.
  2. One student will read the following to the entire class:
    (A) Do not put your name on this form.
    (B) Put the course name/number, semester and instructor´s name in the space provided.
    (C)Mark the appropriate number for each category.
    (D) The forms you turn in must be the official scantron form (just distributed) and the responses to open-ended questions.
    (E) These evaluations will be read by the instructor after the semester grades have been submitted.
  3. Please collect one evaluation per student and place the completed forms in the envelope, seal the envelope, attach any blank forms to the outside of the envelope and return it to the College of in Craven Hall Room . 

Adopted by Academic Senate August 30, 1995 FAC-010-90 Revision 11 
Tentative Items for Faculty Teaching Evaluation 

Note: All items will be rated on a five-point scale. If you feel any of the items do not pertain to your course, please check (9) for not applicable:

strongly disagree strongly agree n/a
1 2 3 4 5 9

  1. The instructor clearly articulated course goals.
  2. The instructor clearly articulated course requirements.
  3. The instructor clearly articulated course-grading procedures.
  4. The instructor was well prepared for class.
  5. Class sessions were well organized.
  6. The graded materials (tests, papers, projects, assignments) reflected the course subject matter.
  7. The instructor encouraged critical and/or creative thinking.
  8. The instructor facilitated students´ understanding of difficult concepts, methods, and subject matter.
  9. The instructor encouraged active learning (e.g., assignments, projects, discussion, group activities, lab experiments, or other activities).
  10. The instructor was available for consultation outside class (during office hours, phone calls, e?mail, etc.).
  11. The instructor was enthusiastic about communicating the subject matter.
  12. The overall quality of teaching by the instructor was high.
  13. The overall quality of this course was high.
  14. I learned a great deal about the subject from this instructor.

    Additional items to be added by the instructor:

Demographic information:

  1. 1. How often did you attend the class?
    (1) Almost always
    (2) Most of the time
    (3) Sometimes
    (4) Rarely
  2. Based on your performance in the course to this date, what grade do you expect to receive?
    (1) A (2) B (3) C (4) D (5) F/No Credit (6) Credit(7) Incomplete
  3. Is this class (1) Required (2) Elective to fulfill a requirement (3) Other (specify)
  4. Your major

Open ended questions:

  1. What were this instructor´s main strengths?
  2. What might this instructor have done that you think would have presented the course material to you more effectively?
  3. Additional comments (regarding any specific items 1-19)?