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University Surveys

Definition: Surveys of campus constituents (i.e., students, faculty, and staff) are widely recognized as an important means for collecting information that can maintain and assure educational quality, enhance institutional effectiveness, and improve student satisfaction. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that university surveys of campus constituents are conducted in a manner that minimizes redundancy and frequency of surveys and follows guidelines for survey deployment. In order to achieve these goals, all university surveys of campus constituents will be coordinated through the University Survey Committee. This policy defines the role of the University Survey Committee and coordination procedures for these surveys.
Authority: The Campus President

This policy applies to any survey of campus constituents except (a) surveys that target a focused sample; (b) surveys that utilize the Human Participant Pool or other convenience sample; (c) surveys designed to solicit feedback from participants regarding a specific campus event; (d) point-of-service surveys administered during or immediately following the service interaction; (e) course-embedded curricular evaluations or assessments; (f) surveys related to leadership performance evaluations or periodic reviews. For the purpose of this policy, fact-based administrative forms that individuals complete as part of routine business operations (e.g., directory information updates, scholarship applications, information technology help tickets) and polls or ballots used for voting purposes (e.g., elections, resolutions) are not considered surveys, even if they are administered using survey software.

Responsible Division: Office of the President
Approval Date: 3/27/2018
Originally Implemented: 12/14/2007
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