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Workplace Violence

Definition: California State University San Marcos is committed to creating an environment that is free from violence.The university will not tolerate violence, threats of violence, or harassing behavior against students, employees, or other persons on university property; or violence or threats of violence against university property.Any person(s) who commits a violent or harassing act, threatens to commit a violent or harassing act, or inflict bodily harm, is subject to disciplinary action, including dismissal, and/or civil or criminal prosecution.All weapons are prohibited on campus.
Authority: Education Code Sections 45, 67380-67385, 89535-89537. Penal Code 471 et seq. 415.5, 601, 626 et seq., 646.9. Title 8, CCR Sec. 3203. State of California Model IIPP for Workplace Security, 09/14/94.
Scope: This policy and any related procedures apply to university employees, students, visitors, guests, and all university property, including leased facilities.
Responsible Division: Office of the President
Approval Date: 02/08/1999
Originally Implemented: 02/08/1999
Signature Page/PDF: View Signatures for Workplace Violence Policy



Every employee and student is encouraged to report any instance, potential instance, or threat of workplace violence in accordance with the University's Workplace Violence Policy. Managers and supervisors are responsible for responding promptly and thoroughly to allegations of workplace violence.

Any individual who experiences or witnesses violence, threats of violence or harassing behavior, or who has reason to suspect that these acts or behaviors are occurring, should:

A. If an emergency, contacts University Police, ext. 4567, and notifies your supervisor.

B. If not an emergency:

1. Employees should inform their immediate supervisor. If the supervisor is unavailable or if the nature of the complaint is such that the employee does not feel he or she can discuss it with the supervisor, the employee may bring concerns to any one of the following:

a) The Department Manager

b) Division Vice President

c) Director of Human Resources Management

d) University Police

2. Students should contact the office of the Vice President for Student Affairs or University Police.

3. Other persons should contact University Police, ext. 4567. University Police will contact the appropriate campus offices.


University Police will coordinate all investigations. University Police maintains confidentiality insofar as it is legal.

The University will respond against any retaliation, retribution or adverse treatments of individuals who voice concerns, reports incidents or who participate in an investigation.


The University will provide educational and training opportunities on workplace violence and crime prevention to employees and students at least once a year. All new employees will receive informational materials in employment packets. New students will receive information in orientation packets. Information regarding workplace violence will be linked to the California State University San Marcos web site.

Other resources that are available after an incident are the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for employees, and Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) for students.