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Champions have been identified for each of the eight values listed in the strategic plan:

Intellectual Engagement

Dr. Edward Price, Professor of Physics, CSTEM

Dr. Jennifer Ostergren, Dean, CEHHS

Student Success

Dr. Alison Scheer-Cohen, Associate Professor of Speech-Language Pathology, CEHHS

Dr. Jackie Trischman, Dean, CSTEM (interim champion appointment)

Inclusive Excellence

Dr. Andrew Spieldenner, Associate Professor of Communication, CHABSS

Cheryl Landin, Assistant Director of Strategic Initiatives, Office of Inclusive Excellence

Culture of Care

Dr. Jay Robertson-Howell, Psychologist, Student Health & Counseling Services

Floyd Lai, Director, Cross-Cultural Center


Dr. Sajith Jayasinghe, Department Chair & Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry, CSTEM

Dr. Scott Gross, Associate Vice President, Industry Partnerships

Community Engagement

Dr. Bennett Cherry, Professor of Management, COBA

Donna San Miguel, Executive Director, Community Relations

Stewardship of Resources

Lalitha Nataraj, Social Sciences Librarian, University Library

Brittani Brown, Associate Vice President, FAS Administration

Sustainability and Climate Justice

Dr. Gabriel Valle, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies, CHABSS

Juliana Goodlaw-Morris, Sustainability Manager, Office of Safety, Health & Sustainability

The champions are responsible for working with our campus community to develop and share best practices about how to embed these values into the action items.

This team will meet regularly during this academic year to advise on and support the implementation of our strategic plan at the institutional level. Together, they will: 1) ensure our values are consistently and thoughtfully woven into our action items while developing and sharing best practices; 2) work collaboratively to establish metrics, trackable progress indicators and dashboards; and 3) ensure coordination and sharing of information, especially regarding areas of overlap between the values.