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Governor's Proposed 2010-11 Budget

January 11, 2010

Last Friday, the CSU learned that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has proposed to restore $305 million to the California State University's 2010-11 budget as well as provide an additional $60.6 million for enrollment growth.  The major cuts to the CSU budget in 2009-10 included $305 million in "one time" cuts that the Governor had committed to restore in 2010-11.

This budget proposal will now go through the legislative process.  If adopted by the legislature, this budget would start the CSU on the long path to recovery.  While this is promising news, we know we continue to face very difficult circumstances and decisions ahead as the state seeks to close a $19.9 billion deficit over the next 18 months through a variety of cuts and shifts in spending.

Over the past two years, the CSU budget has seen a 21 percent or $625 million decrease in state support.  While the additional funding will allow the CSU more flexibility, the level of state funding support is still below the level in 2007-08.  In addition to restoring the $305 million, which was the portion of 2009-10 budget cuts that were one-time in nature, the Governor's budget provides an additional $60.6 million for the CSU's enrollment growth.  While both of these proposals are subject to legislative approval, the additional $60.6 million for enrollment growth is contingent upon the state receiving a threshold amount in federal aid for other state programs. 

The Governor's proposed budget certainly brings a level of hope for the coming year.  I know there will continue to be uncertainty as the state goes through the slow and fragile process of recovery and as the Governor's proposed budget goes through the legislative process.  I will continue to advocate to our legislators to reinvest in the CSU and Cal State San Marcos.

I had previously announced a budget forum to occur on January 21.  In response to the Governor's budget proposal, the Chancellor has called all CSU presidents to a briefing on January 26 prior to the meeting of the Board of Trustees.  So that I can provide the campus community with the latest and most accurate information as we are receiving it from the Chancellor's Office, I am rescheduling the budget forum to Thursday, January 28, at 2 p.m. at the Grand Salon in the Clarke Field House/University Student Union upon my return from meetings in Long Beach.