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Welcome to the Budget Communication website. This website brings together comprehensive information and updates about the CSUSM budget from President Neufeldt.

August Budget Update EL Review of Organizational and Fiscal Structure

Message from President Neufeldt

Dear Members of the CSUSM Community,

I’ve recently shared updates with our community related to how Cal State San Marcos continues to respond to COVID-19. I continue to be so impressed and proud of our university’s remarkable resourcefulness and resilience. This is truly a campus of individuals who are laser focused on supporting our students and making their time with us truly transformational.

As we continue to work through the ongoing impact of the pandemic and subsequent multi-year recovery, it is essential that our institutional mission continues to advance despite the substantial challenges we will confront. I am committed to sharing timely information with you in the spirit of transparency, open communication and shared governance. This website will include timely updates on our university budget as well as links and additional resources. We will be adding to this site over time as more information is available.

I offer again my profound gratitude to all of you for your determination in the face of adversity, and my firm resolve to work with you to carefully and compassionately steward our beloved university as we look with optimism toward the next 30 years.

Thank you for all that you do.

Ellen Neufeldt

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Guiding Budget Principles

  • Supporting our people.
  • Supporting our students’ success, including our hallmarks of community-engaged learning and teacher-scholar model.
  • Supporting the long-term sustainability of CSUSM as an organization.

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