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Timeline and Communications

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Important Dates

September 25, 2018 – President Haynes Announces Retirement
November 30, 2018 – Campus and Community Open Forum

General Communications

Below is an archive of all campus communications pertaining to the CSUSM presidential search. Please select a message below to expand and read.

  • 11/15/2018 CSU San Marcos Presidential Search Committee to Hold First Meeting

    The California State University (CSU) Board of Trustees is beginning the search for a new president of California State University San Marcos (CSUSM) to succeed Dr. Karen Haynes, who is retiring in June 2019.

    The first meeting of the Trustees' Committee for the Selection of the President will be held in an open forum from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 30, in the University Student Union Ballroom on the CSUSM campus. The open meeting will be followed by a closed meeting.

    CSU Trustee Jean Picker Firstenberg will chair the committee. The other trustee members include:  Debra Farar, Juan García and Jack McGrory as well as Trustee Chairman Adam Day and CSU Chancellor Timothy P. White.

    Board policy requires the chair of the CSU trustees to appoint an Advisory Committee to the Trustees' Committee. The Advisory Committee is composed of representatives from the faculty, staff, students, and alumni, as well as a member of a campus advisory board, all of whom are selected by the campus' constituency groups. Also on the Advisory Committee is a vice president or academic dean from the campus, and a president of another CSU campus - both selected by the chancellor.  Both committees function as one unified group.

    Members of the Advisory Committee for the Selection of the President include:

    • CSUSM faculty members Mtafiti Imara, Ph.D., professor and chair, Music, and Jacqueline Trischman, Ph.D., professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
    • CSUSM faculty members Mtafiti Imara, Ph.D., professor and chair, Music, and Jacqueline Trischman, Ph.D., professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
    • Suzanne Moineau, Ph.D., chair, CSUSM Academic Senate
    • Christine Vaughan, creative communications officer, CSUSM Office of Communications (staff representative)
    • Savana Doudar, president and chief executive officer, CSUSM Associated Students, Inc. (student representative)
    • Jeremy Addis-Mills, CSUSM Alumni Association (alumni representative)
    • Jack Raymond, chair, CSUSM Foundation Board (campus advisory board representative)
    • Patricia Prado-Olmos, Ph.D., vice president, CSUSM Division of Community Engagement
    • Community representatives Major General Tony Jackson (retired) and Russell “Butch” Murphy
    • Ellen Junn, Ph.D., president of California State University, Stanislaus

    Over the next several months, the committee will review candidates and conduct interviews.

  • 11/7/2018 SAVE THE DATE: CSUSM Presidential Search Committee Open Forum, Nov. 30

    The California State University Board of Trustees is beginning the search for a new permanent president of California State University San Marcos, following the announcement of President Karen Haynes’ retirement, effective June 30, 2019.

    CSU Chancellor Timothy P. White and the CSUSM Presidential Search Committee will visit on Friday, Nov. 30, 2018. An open forum will be held from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. in the University Student Union Ballroom. Faculty, staff, students and community members are welcome and encouraged to attend.

    The purpose of the visit is to review the role of the committee; explain the search process and confidentiality; receive comments and input from the public and campus community; discuss preferred attributes of the next president; review the descriptions and needs of the campus and presidential position; and discuss any other business related to the search process.

    The Board of Trustees of the California State University, in partnership with the Chancellor, is responsible for the recruitment, selection and appointment of CSU campus presidents. The Chancellor designates staff to support the process. There is a deep commitment throughout the process to the principles of consultation with campus and community representatives and diversity. The ultimate decision and responsibility for the transition of executive leadership rests with the Board.

    The CSUSM Presidential Search website will serve as the repository of communications and information related to the selection process. Via the website, you are invited to nominate someone to be considered for the position and/or submit comments about qualities and specific experiences desired in the new president.

    An announcement regarding the membership of the search committee will be sent as soon as the members are confirmed and seated.

  • 9/25/2018 President Haynes Announces Retirement

     Dear CSUSM Students, Faculty and Staff,

    Since February 2004, I have had the distinct honor of serving as CSUSM’s third president. From that day to the present one, I have felt privileged to lead this unique and very special institution as we have made great strides to increase the educational attainment rate of our region and engage with our communities in unique and meaningful ways. 

    As CSUSM approaches the close of its first major philanthropic campaign, and given its strong position as a forward-focused institution, it seems to be an appropriate time for First Gentleman Jim Mickelson and me to consider our future. After much reflection, I have decided to retire as president of Cal State San Marcos—and Jim as founding director of ACE Scholars Services—effective June 30, 2019. 

    While many have called this moment of deciding to retire bittersweet, and while we all know it is an inevitable moment in one’s lifetime, it has been one of the most difficult and emotional decisions of our careers. We are—and always have been—passionate about this work of changing lives, making a difference and advocating for those who cannot advocate for themselves…after all, we are both social workers!

    Here at CSUSM, Jim and I both found the quintessential positions to take our passions and turn them into strategies for positive change. Over the years, we have had the gratification to work with immensely talented individuals at all levels of the university. Thanks to our collective work, we have seen the growth of the campus, with new buildings, academic programs, faculty and staff, students and alumni. We have also cultivated the less visible yet still very tangible aspects of our university’s development, including the growth of traditions and pride, the solidifying of our campus’ unique culture, and the increased visibility and impact of CSUSM in our region and beyond. Today, CSUSM stands as a beacon of inspiration to students of all backgrounds, a welcoming place that values community building, open dialogue, diversity, inclusion and respect. 

    By giving Chancellor White and the CSU Board of Trustees this early notification, I am providing them as much time as possible to search for a new president who will lead CSUSM through its next phase of growth. Per CSU policy, Adam Day, chairman of the Board of Trustees, will appoint a committee of trustees who will work with an advisory committee comprised of various members of our campus community to identify the next president. The membership of both committees will be publicly announced at a later date. Campus and community input will be sought in an open forum held on campus. 

    However, this is not a farewell message. Jim and I will continue in our respective roles, just as we have always done, until our final day. I will continue to advance CSUSM according to our strategic plan and initiatives and, at the appropriate time, I will do all I can to ensure a smooth transition to the next president.

    In retirement, and while we are still in good health, Jim and I are looking forward to spending time with our family—including our children and grandchildren—to traveling, and to pursuing the next leg of our personal journey. However, let me say again how honored I have been to serve as president of CSUSM, and to work alongside so many dedicated individuals who share such a strong commitment to our students and their success. 

    Jim and I will always consider ourselves proud Cougars, grateful for the myriad ways students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends have touched our lives. 


    Karen S. Haynes

    Jim Mickelson
    First Gentleman/Founding Director, ACE Scholars Services