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Travel Policy

This section is to familiarize yourself with the CSU Travel Policy. We have simplified the policy for you to provide more specific information.

NOTE:  For more details on our Travel Policy please refer to the CSU Travel Procedures.

If at any time, you are unable to find what you need contact the Travel Desk for additional assistance.

Booking Rental Car

Travelers are advised to book with Enterprise using a corporate code. To retrieve the code, please email the Travel Desk for more information. 

Booking Airfare 

Employees are free to use the airfare company of their choice as long as the lowest rate available is selected. Itineraries or booking confirmations are not accepted as proof of payment and cannot be submitted for reimbursement. To be reimbursed for airfare, an actual receipt showing the expense was “paid” or “charged to credit card” must be submitted. In addition, the receipt should include the traveler’s name and flight information. This type of receipt can typically be found by logging into the traveler’s account on the airline’s website.

Non-Reimbursable Items List

  • ATM/Credit Card fees
  • Fine/Citations
  • Frequent flier program
  • Club membership fees
  • Personal entertainment

Reporting Mileage

Travelers are allowed to use their own personal vehicle when travelling for business. As part of our CSU policy, travelers who are travelling for business need a completed Defense Driving certificate. For more information on use of private vehicle, go to the Integrated Risk Management (IRM) site. 

Reporting Meal Expenses

A maximum dollar limit of $55 per day is allowed. Alcohol is strictly not reimbursable and is considered a personal expense.

Cancellation of Reservations

If a trip must be cancelled or changed, the traveler must make every effort to cancel/change any travel reservations. Fees incurred as a result of cancelling/changing a trip will be covered if the cancellation/change was work related or due to unforeseen circumstances out of the control of the traveler. A business justification must be submitted and approved by the approving authority.

Payment of Expenses on behalf of others

University travelers nornally shall not be reimbursed for expenses paid on behalf of other travelers, except in the case of co-travelers who are sharing a room. Exceptions to this rule, such as supervised group trips, must be approved in advance.