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US Bank Travel Visa

The US Bank Travel Card is a great option for employees that travel on university business. It eliminates the initial out of pocket expense and also eliminates the need for advances.

Some notes about the Travel Card:

  • The US bank Travel Card  to be used strictly for business purposes
  • Applying for the Travel Card will not appear on your credit report
  • The US Bank Travel Card is a personal liability card in which the bill is mailed directly to the travelers’ home
  • After the 262 is submitted, the reimbursement check will be provided to the traveler to pay the full balance due on the Travel Card
  • No interest is accrued because there is never a balance on the card
  • Online capability to pay your bill
  • Please email the Travel Desk for rush delivery requests

To apply for the US bank travel card, please email the Travel Desk at and state you are interested in applying. Please have your department manager respond to the email chain stating their approval. Then, an application will be emailed to you and the Travel Desk will subsequently push the application through to US Bank. You will receive the US Bank Travel Card within 2 weeks.

US Bank Travel Card Fees

  • 2.5% Cash ATM Fee
  • Foreign Transaction Fee 2.5%
  • $2.00 Minimum late fee


US Bank Customer Service: 877-452-8083

Pay Your Bill Online

The ePay functionality is now available for US Bank Travel Cardholders.