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International Travel

Employees planning to travel to a Foreign destination must request approval from their campus President prior to making any travel arrangements and should contact the Integrated Risk Management (IRM) for information on requesting the mandatory Foreign Travel Insurance.

All travelers are requested to obtain the Foreign Travel Insurance from the University for security purposes.  

Travelers may be reimbursed for unique costs associated with international travel such as:

  • Visa and Passport Fees
  • Tourist card
  • Passport Photos

In order to make the travel claim process a little simpler, you may claim "Federal Per Diem" for both your lodging and/or your meals or submit actual receipts.

Requirements for International Travel Claims:

  • Conversions for International Charges
  • Foreign Travel Insurance is MANDATED by the Chancellor’s Office and must be obtained in advance of your trip. Please refer to the Integrated Risk Management (IRM) website for detailed information.  
  • Travel Authorization Form
  • Travel and Expense Claim 262 Form
  • Actual Hotel Receipts