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Academic Requirements Report

Academic Requirements Report PDF Guide

Academic Requirements Report Video Guide

Advisor Notes

  • Advisor Notes PDF Guide for Faculty
  • Advisor Notes PDF Guide for Staff

Alternative Course Approvals (ACA)

ACA Step by Step PDF Guide


Course Directives

Course Directives PDF Guide


Degree Planner 

Checking for Transfer Credit

Degree Planner At A Glance Guide

Degree Planner Overview

Enroll in Courses from Degree Planner

How to Register for Classes Using Degree Planner

Test Credit Not Posted

Transfer Credit Not Posted Guide

Register the COUGAR WAY

Student Video

Understanding Your Degree Planner Video Guide


Docusign Powerpoint


Milestones for Graduate Students

Milestones for Graduate Students PDF Guide


Online Change of Major

Online Change of Major PDF Guide


Schedule Assistant

Schedule Assistant PDF Guide

Register the COUGAR WAY

Schedule Assistant Video Guide

ZOOM - Web Conferencing for Faculty, Staff and Students (

ZOOM Instructions


Student Administration - Faculty Self Service

Archived Documentation