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eAdvising Initiatives Projects

CSUSM utilizes many eAdvising tools. The most recent CSUSM eAdvising projects (Degree Planner and Schedule Assistant) received funding from the CO as part of the money set aside from the fund reserved for the use of technology to improve student learning and progress toward degree completion by reducing the effect of bottlenecks. CSUSM, due to its “readiness” to adopt and adapt technology, as proven in our use of eAdvising tools such as the online Advisement Requirements Report (ARR), received funding from these resources for two eAdvising tools: Schedule Assistant and the Degree Planner. These tools augment electronic solutions that support academic advisement in some way. Based upon the review of our progress with eAdvising initiatives, our campus was awarded additional resources for the Degree Planner For more information on how to use the Degree Planner, watch the video tutorials found on the left under How-To Guides.

You can contact eAdvising Initiatives by emailing:


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Degree Planner Roll-Out
All Undergraduate Primary majors are available to state-support undergraduate students beginning Fall 2015. Requirements for secondary majors and minors will be rolled-out during the 2015-2016 academic year.

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Degree Planner.