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Student Administration - Faculty Class Rosters

Class Rosters - video tutorial - 4:07 minutes (Windows Media Player) Required
Class Rosters - Word document, with screen shots (753 KB)

Class Rosters are available from faculty self-service as soon as students start enrolling class section. From the class roster you can:

  • Download your roster to Excel
  • Retrieve a printer friendly version of your roster
  • Email a single student
  • Email selected students or your entire class roster


Log on to your MyCSUSM and Navigating to your Faculty Center

  1. Select the Faculty Self Service option from the Portal Menu
  2. Click the Class Roster Icon next to the desired class section.
  3. View your class roster.
  4. Select the "Permission Numbers" link to view or download permission numbers for a class.
  5. Use the "Download" icon (Download Icon) to download your roster to excel.
    • Remember to allow popups for this page (in your web browser)
    • In Firefox: Click the "OK" button on the popup window.  Then click it again, when it becomes available.  Save or Open in Excel as desired.
    • In IE: Hold down the "Ctrl" key and click the "Download" icon (Download Icon); keep holding the Ctrl key till the popup window appears.  Save or Open in Excel as desired.
  6. Use the hyperlink of a name to email a single student.
  7. Use the "change" button to view students in a status of dropped
  • Viewing rosters with more than 80 students:
    Note: PeopleSoft displays the first 80 students on your roster by default.  There are a couple options that allow you to do view the balance of your roster.
    1. Notice in the upper right corner of your roster, where it says: 1-80 of however many students you have total.
    2. Using the “Download” icon (Download Icon) will download all your students to Excel.
    3. Using the “Show next row” or the “Last” link, will take you to the next block of students.
    4. In cases where you have more than 80 but less than 101 students, you can use the “View [number]” link to view your whole roster (up to 100).
      1. Select the print icon from your internet browser.
    1. From your Class Roster, click the "Notify" boxes to select the students you want to email
    2. Click the "Notify Selected Students" button, which opens an email window.
      Note: all student emails are in the BCC area.
    3. Type your email message to your selected students.
    4. You may use the optional spell check icon, next to the "Message Text" box.
    5. When ready, click the "Send Notification" button.
      Note: You will see the result of your email message.
    • Use the "Printer Friendly Version" button to print your roster from your internet browser.
  2. PeopleSoft provides you the ability to email selected students or all listed students on your class roster.

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