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Frequently Asked Questions: Faculty

How do I download my rosters and permission numbers using Safari for the Macintosh?

You need to allow pop-up windows in Safari for thsi to work.

  1.  Open Safari.
  2. Click the "Safari" menu (next to the Apple Menu, top left of your screen).
  3. Click "Block Pop-Up Windows" from this menu (be sure it is unchecked).

You may want to re-enable this once you are done downloading your files.  Blocking pop-ups is generally a good idea; and Safari can only either block or not block these windows, globally.

Can I attach files to PeopleSoft emails that are generated from my Class Roster?

Not right now in PeopleSoft. 

But you can get the email addresses for each PeopleSoft roster and use them in Outlook, where you can send attachments.  Here are the steps to do this:

  1. Log on to your MyCSUSM and Navigate to your Faculty Center
  2. Select the Faculty Self Service option from the Portal Menu
  3. Click the Class Roster Icon next to the desired class section.
    View your class roster.
  4. Click the "Notify Listed Students" button (bottom center of the roster).
  5. Select all the student addresses in the BCC: field.
  6. Copy them (Edit > Copy) or "ctrl + c" or "AppleKey + c"
  7. Paste them into the Bcc: line of a new Outlook message.
  8. Don't forget to attach your file.

You may want to save this semicolon-separated list somewhere for later use.

Where will I input my grades?

Spring 2008 grades will still be entered via the Data Portal. Summer 2008 and forward will be entered in PeopleSoft (MyCSUSM).

Class rosters for Summer and Fall will also by accessed through MyCSUSM.

My browser is taking forever to access the system. Is there a problem?

Closing all your web browser windows and tabs is the way to go when things are slow.  You might also want to clear cache and cookies (et al) if things don't get better after restarting your web browser.  Restarting your computer is another step to take to start fresh and speed things up.

How do I see the permission numbers for a course that no one is registered for yet?

Permission numbers are made available to faculty, via their class roster, only once at least one student has registered for the course. So, empty rosters do not show permission numbers; this is a Catch-22 for classes that require a permission number to register.

In these cases, you need to ask for assistance from your department AC or department chair. They can get you the permission numbers for your class.

How do I access who is registered for my Fall classes through PeopleSoft?

  1. Log in to MyCSUSM
  2. Select Faculty Self Service
  3. You should see "My Teaching Schedule" for Spring 2008.
  4. Select the Change Term green button, select Fall 2008 and then select continue.
  5. You should now see your Fall 2008 teaching schedule. Next to 3 of your classes you should see the Class Roster Icons.
  6. Select the icon to view your rosters.

The icon will not appear until at least one student is enrolled in the class.

Also see our Getting Started and Class Rosters documentation for faculty.

When will faculty begin using the PeopleSoft System?

Registration for Summer 2008 will take place in PeopleSoft. The faculty portion of the portal will be available on April 1, 2008. Faculty will access self-service through the MyCSUSM portal. PeopleSoft provides a single point of entry to self-service functions for faculty called the Faculty Center.

What functions will be available in PeopleSoft for faculty?

The functions available are:

  • View class schedule
  • Search class schedule
  • Print class rosters
  • Retrieve Class Permission Numbers
  • Email a portion or entire class
  • Enter grades
  • Advising functions
    • Academic Information
    • Address
    • Class Schedule
    • Emergency Contacts
    • Enrollment Appointments
    • Grades
    • Telephone
    • To Do List
    • Unofficial Transcript
  • Coming Soon
    • Degree Progress
    • Transfer Credit Report

Faculty Center screen shot in Peoplesoft

When will information be available on the PeopleSoft processes?

We will provide information in several formats.

  • Handouts/Quick Reference Guides – Available April 1st
  • Website with self-service information – Available April 1st
  • Introduction to SA Class. This class is a general overview of the system and does not specifically address any specific areas.
  • Mediasite (web video) guides – Available June 1st

What if I need additional assistance on the PeopleSoft processes?

We will make every effort to visit/contact faculty that will be teaching this summer.
We want to make sure we offer the best assistance to faculty for this transition. Please forward your thoughts on how we can better assist the faculty to April Grommo

An email address will be established for faculty to request assistance with PeopleSoft processes. In addition, there is a full time trainer who will also be able to meet with faculty members one on one.

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