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Administrative Projects

The Administrative Projects office works closely with the campus community to support the technology goals and priorities for administrative systems. We work with campus stakeholders to design, develop, and deliver IT solutions to advance the mission of the campus.

Current major administrative systems projects for 2014-15 include:

eAdvising Initiatives Projects - To ensure students, staff, and faculty have timely and accurate information regarding student progress towards program completion by providing technical tools for student success.

eAdvising Initiatives

Business Intelligence Project - Building upon of our existing data warehouse environment, the business intelligence project will provide timely access to data and visualization tools necessary to satisfy the tactical and strategic data analysis to facilitate student success and enrollment management.

Data Analytics

Electronic Content Management Project - Provide image capture and management along with electronic forms workflow to automate business processes and reduce the use of paper forms.

Content Management

You can contact the Faculty/Staff Help Desk with questions about Administrative Projects, (760) 750-4790.