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Welcome to the Q&C website!

Cutting edge biomedical research is flourishing along the intersections of traditional scientific disciplines. Nowhere is this more evident than along the boundaries of the biological and physical sciences, mathematics, and computer science. Effective training of 21st century biologists depends on students becoming more quantitative (Q) and more computational (C). In 2008, CSU San Marcos received 5-year NIH-MARC Curriculum Improvement “Q&C” grant designed to enhance the Q&C skills of majors in biology and related fields. Over this funding period, we are modifying 23 existing and developing 7 new Q&C-related courses. Our project is based on the philosophy that Q&C skills are best mastered by students when they are introduced early and used repeatedly in different contexts of biological and physical sciences. At CSUSM, Q&C is becoming a common thread woven throughout the science curriculum.

This website is designed primarily to provide students web-based resources that will help them successfully complete biology and other science courses. It includes course-specific links recommended by the faculty, links to general topics and tutorials in mathematics, and links to free, downloadable software. We encourage you to visit this site regularly for updates and new material. Also, please don’t hesitate to send us a comment if you have any suggestions or have trouble accessing any of the material.