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Guiding Principles

The Finance and Administrative Services Division communicates the FAS vision and FAS values statement through a guiding principle program in which each month, one principle of the vision or values is highlighted.

I am highly responsive to the requests of others. I enjoy giving my time and expertise. FAS is my responsibility. I find the right balance of give and take while seeking and finding win/wins. I choose to assume the people around me have good intent.


I bring passion to my environment. I run into the storm because I know I can calm the storm. I model enthusiasm, energy, and competency. I am a magnet that attracts forward thinking, helpful, and hopeful people who can be counted on. I create a fun environment.

I have found the inner strength to collapse the barriers that shield me and my biases. I have created a safe environment for listening, speaking, working and living.


I find humor everyday; I have fun, and I share. I seem to be smiling about 50% of the time.


I find and implement easier more efficient ways for helping the team get the job done. I come up with new solutions for getting better end results.

I greet people with a smile. My workplace is professional and warm. My building and its landscape are maintained beautifully. Friendly conversations that include words like yes, let's and what if...Make me excited to come to work.


I find and implement the best practices from around the world that add to our positive reputation. I use my knowledge, authority, and sound judgment  to contribute to our reputation of excellence. My experience, high credibility and quality of service generates testimonials that praise the division.

I value each other’s capabilities and contributions.

I communicate honestly, share information, and follow through on my commitments.

I apply my best skills, knowledge, and experience as I serve the campus community.

I take ownership of my actions and continuously seek positive solutions.

I work together with the campus community to accomplish our common goals.