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Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month winners are nominated by professional staff of Campus Recreation for their exemplary service and voted on by a committee composed of Student Building Leads on a monthly basis.

Sam (April)

April Employee of the month

Over the course of Sam’s two years with Campus Recreation she has grown as an individual both personally and professionally. Sam is always the one to step up when things need to get done and always the person that makes sure things will always get done right. She has been such a pleasure to work with and it will be a hard not having her around once she is graduates in a couple weeks and goes off to grad school! Congratulations Sam, you have definitely left your mark here at Campus Recreation and we all wish you the best in your endeavors.

Margarita (March)


Margarita has really stepped up this month and semester as a program assistant for Campus REC. She is always up for a new task and puts forth 110% effort when doing her job. Not only is she a great worker, she is also a great friend. Her awesome attitude and fun personality shines through all the work she does for our program. Thank you Margarita, keep up the great work!

Tim (February)


Tim has been a great addition to our Intramural Referee family. In just the past few months, he has evolved greatly as a newly hired Referee. He always brings his enthusiasm to work and makes for a fun environment. Not only has he excelled in his role as a Referee, but his hard work and readiness has been recognized for his assistance in Sport Clubs. He brings the energy and can be counted on when it comes to getting the job done. Thank you Tim, keep it up!

Tyler (November)

Tyler - Employee of the Month

In just his second year as an Intramural Referee, Tyler has not only become a leader on the court/field, but also within our Intramural staff. He shows great confidence and stays calm when under pressure during high-intensity games. He supports his fellow Referees and is a great example for them to look up to. We can always count on him to be ready to officiate any sport and always have a big smile on his face. Congratulations, Tyler!

Michelle (October)

Employee of the Month Michelle

Michelle is among the newest members of the Outdoor Adventures team. She has shown to be an integral member of the Campus Recreation department with her eagerness to learn all the nuances of the logistical planning of our excursions. She is a highly motivated employee who not only excels in the office, but also out in the field. Congratulations, Michelle!

Sabrina (September)

Employee of the Month Sabrina

Sabrina is a new addition to Campus Recreation and has already proven to be an exceptional team member. She jumps into any tasks and opportunities given to her with enthusiasm and zeal, and on many occasions, asks for more things to help out with. Sabrina has been an incredible help to both Programs and Outreach, and Fitness Programs in our hectic time of transition and we appreciate and recognize all of her hard work and initiative that she has displayed. Congratulations, Sabrina! A recognition well deserved.