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Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month winners are nominated by professional staff of Campus Recreation for their exemplary service and voted on by a committee composed of Student Building Leads on a monthly basis.

Anneliese (May)

Anneliese EOM

Annie began working for Campus REC Fall 2018 and has been a human sponge from day one. Eager to learn and happy to help, she is always right there when you need her. She’s been on several Outdoor Adventure trips learning from her peers and finally did all the planning for her own overnight trip with REC. Annie surpassed all expectations! She’s a rock star both in the field and in the office. We are very proud and elated to have such a hard worker on our team and look forward to the next couple of years with her.

Adriane (April)

Adriane EOM

Adriane always goes above and beyond her responsibilities as a student programmer for Campus REC. She is constantly motivating her coworkers to perform at their best as she leads by positive example. She is always on time, responsible with all her duties, efficient, and comes to work with the best attitude! Her bubbly personality is great for creating fun events for students and making them feel welcome. The REC Programming and Outreach Team is really happy to have her and appreciates all of the work she does! 

Andrew (March)

Employee of the Month Andrew

Andrew Diedrick is the Sports Supervisor for Speed Soccer & Futsal here at CSUSM Intramurals. Going into his third year with the Intramural Program he has become one of the premier referees as well as a true leader that his coworkers can depend on. Both in the office and on the field Andrew consistently shows the upmost professionalism while being a very easy person to work with. Our team is very  proud for Andrew to represent Intramurals as Campus Recreations Employee of the month!

Rachel (December)


Rachel is the epitome of astounding work ethic. Her drive, motivation, and organizing skills for Outdoor Adventures shines through in all of her work, from the trips she plans, to leading staff trainings. She is all that you could hope for in a student coordinator and more. We have been so fortunate to have her on the team as an employee, a plethora of resources and knowledge, and as a role model for all.

Iain (November) 

EO Iain

Iain is the Sports Supervisor for Intramural Basketball. He does excellent work internally through his office shifts, constantly promoting and encouraging players to join intramurals. He is also a leader in the program as he has established himself as one of the premier basketball and flag football referees at our school. He is always on time, efficient, and dedicated to making Intramurals a better place to work. 

Pablo (October)


Pablo has worked for Campus Recreation’s Outdoor Adventures for almost two years and has always gone above and beyond as an amazing student assistant. Pablo has tremendous leadership skills, outstanding performance, productivity and dedication who not only excels in the office, but also out in the field. We are very lucky to have such a motivated employee on our team!

Margarita (September)

EOM Margarita

A huge congratulations to Campus Recreation’s Margarita for receiving September Employee of the Month. Margarita has worked for Campus Recreation for a few years and has just been promoted to the REC Coordinator position.  Margarita embodies what it means to be a leader, a team player, and a role model.  She is very knowledgeable about our programs and events and always goes above and beyond her work duties. She is a true asset to our department. Thank you Margarita, keep up the great work!