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Indoor Skydiving

indoor skydiving

When: Saturday, 2/15/20

  • Registration open: 1/6/20    ONLINE ONLY
  • Registration close: 2/10/20

Register Online 

Have your Health Insurance information readily available at time of sign up. 
All sales are final. 

Cost with Campus Rec

$65 per person

Includes: gear & rentals (flight gear), flight photo, flight video, lunch and transportation

Cost without Campus Rec

$10 (Gas) + $10 (Lunch) + $79 (Indoor Skydiving Rental) = $99/person


Hello adventurers! Come out for a morning of thrilling adventure as we go indoor skydiving at iFLY in Oceanside! CSUSM students will be able to discover the true thrill of indoor skydiving and quench their adventurous side! Students will be able to know how it feels to defy gravity and essentially fly like their fellow birds. During the trip, students will be educated on the outdoor ethics that includes the Leave No Trace principles and environmental stewardship.

If you have any questions about this excursion, please email the OA team.