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Risk Assessment Tools



Executive Order 1069 (Supersedes EO 715)
Technical Letter 2012-01 (Supersedes EO 849) 

Risk Assessment

Consistent with the California State University Risk Management Policy as provided in CSU Executive Order 1069 and Technical Letter 2011-06 (Supersedes EO 715 and EO 849 respectively): evidence of planning, assessment and mitigation of risks are to be completed and maintained on file by all campus event planning offices. The following tools have been created to assist in identifying, assessing and mitigating risks;

Risk Assessment Matrix
Risk Assessment Worksheet  

CSU Release

The following release has been created to address control of risk and liability and is available to each campus event planning office. A release is a risk tool available for risk activities identified in a risk assessment.

Single Participant Release
Group Participant Release (Per Eo 1051)

Risk Identification and Evaluation

The identification, assessment and mitigation of risk are essential in preventing injury to our visitors, students, staff and faculty. Risk assessment documentation can be the critical proof of our good faith efforts to prevent and respond to any injuries or damage resulting from our activities; thereby possibly reducing our liability and minimizing significant financial impact from litigation to our University.

All event planning offices shall be responsible for addressing risk concerns and ensuring compliance with EO 1069 by following the CSU Risk Identification and Evaluation Procedure defined in Technical Letter RM 2011-06. This change is effective March 1, 2011 and should be implemented into your event planning risk assessment process.

Risk Identification and Evaluation Procedure  


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