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Planning, Assessment, & Professional Development

Supporting Continuous Improvement & Service Innovation

professional development conference attendeesThe Office of Planning, Assessment & Professional Development (PAPD) leads the division’s strategic planning process, program review and assessment initiatives, co-curricular services and programming, and professional development.





STRATEGIC PLANNING: The division’s strategic planning process provides a structure for divisional departments to engage in multi-year planning and goal setting to create a road map for achieving their departmental mission in alignment with divisional and university strategic priorities.

PROGRAM REVIEW: To support data-informed decision making and, the division’s program review and assessment structure guide departments in engaging in an ongoing reflective process of collecting and evaluating data related to departmental impact and the achievement of its goals.

CO-CURRICULAR LEARNING: The co-curricular model creates an integrated learning environment in which students are empowered to apply the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom through a myriad of intentional learning opportunities that are strategically aligned to the five domains of the Co-Curricular Model.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: To support continuous improvement and life-long learning among the division’s professional staff, the Student Affairs’ Investing in You program presents an annual professional development conference and multiple workshops and trainings throughout the year on a variety of topics related to improving student services and personal growth.

Mission, Vision & Values


PAPD is committed to promoting a vibrant culture of data-informed continuous improvement across the Division of Student Affairs by leading intentional and integrated strategic planning and comprehensive program review processes. In alignment with industry best practices, we are also committed to providing a robust professional development program that supports career and personal growth for professional staff and drives excellence in service to students.


PAPD will establish our practices as a model of excellence in planning, assessment, and professional development, and promote our commitment to continuous improvement and its impact on student success, at the institutional, regional, and national level.


Service-Focused: Central to our work is establishing processes that are clear, efficient, and impactful.

Innovative: We take a forward-thinking and adaptable approach to our work, grounded in reflective inquiry.

Developmental: We focus on enhancing divisional excellence in service by identifying needs and providing opportunities for continued growth.