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Strategic Planning

The Planning, Assessment, and Professional Development (PAPD) department leads the Division of Student Affairs in developing and maintaining a strategic planning process that guides and informs decision makers to ensure that departmental/programmatic efforts are in alignment with University and Divisional priorities. 

We are committed to promoting a culture of strategic planning and assessment in which decisions are driven by data. This is in an effort to maximize the application of resources to best meet the needs of our students. Our goal is for our students to succeed both academically and developmentally.

To support this effort, each department within the Division of Student Affairs engages in an ongoing cycle of strategic planning. This involves establishing mission-driven multi-year goals, typically with a three year horizon, intended to either improve and enhance existing services, or implement new processes to best meet the needs of our students. Annual objectives are then formulated to advance the goal in an intentional fashion. Periodic status checkpoints are established, and end of year summative action assessments are conducted and reported to provide vital information to campus constituents and decision makers. Assessment results are evaluated to refine and recalibrate goals as needed, and to inform the development of subsequent annual actions in a reflective manner.

Strategic Planning Process

  1. Review your department’s mission statement and identify major themes of focus.
  2. Create or review existing broad three-year goal statement around each major theme from them mission statement.
  3. Create specific objectives for the coming year to advance the goal.
  4. Identify the tactics you will use to achieve your objectives.
  5. During this phase, consider how you will assess your outcomes at the end of the year.
  6. Map your goals to one or more divisional strategies. Divisional strategies are listed below.
  7. Implement your strategic plan over the coming academic year.
  8. Assess your progress and outcomes.

Strategic Planning Guide

Strategic Plan Diagram

Relationship to Program Review

This process realates directly to your annual program review and the information for both processes will be reported together on the Annual Strategic Planning and Program Review Report. Please review the Strategic Planning and Program Review Diagram for clarification of the relationship between these two processes.

 If you have questions about strategic planning for Student Affairs, please contact,