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The theme of the event this year was 2020 Vision: Looking Forward with Clarity.  Presenters from across campus provided cross-divisional perspectives on a variety of topics that will affect our campus in the coming year. The focus of the conference was on increasing understanding of our campus culture and structure, exploring student dynamics, and nurturing personal and professional growth. 

View a schedule of the day and session abstracts HERE. Presentations files (as available) are provided below.

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 2020 Presentations


The theme for the 2019 conference was "Our Campus is BUZZING: Engaging with our changing and diverse campus community". The keynote speaker was Dr. Allison Peterson, with her presentation Distressed and Disruptive Students: Why, why, and what to do. A Mental Health Perspective.

The remaining elements of the day consisted of three breakout sessions and a student panel. Students were asked questions about how student affairs professionals contributed to their CSUSM experience. 

View a  full schedule of the day.

SAPDC 2019 Promotional flyer

2019 Presentations


SAPDC 2018 Poster

SAPDC 2018 Event selfie

Vice President Lorena Checa captured this snapshot of all of the 2018 attendees!


The theme for the 2018 conference was "We are all Educators" and it focused on the co-curricular model. Our morning keynote speaker was Dr. Marilee Bresciani Ludvik, Professor, ARPE, at San Diego State University. She gave an interactive presentation on Co-Curricular Learning and Assessment. 

Following our morning group session, we listened to our student panels speak on the impact of intentional co-curricular learning initiatives.

We offered two breakout sessions in 2018 that expanded on the co-curricular model and how it affects all of us at CSUSM.  

2018 Presentations


The conference theme in 2017 was "We are Diversity" and we had a great line up of experts who shared their knowledge with us throughout the day. Our morning presenter was Chris Nayve.

Following our morning group session, we were pleased to offer a variety of small group break-out sessions that covered topics such as Critical Race TheoryWellness in the Workplace and Building Multi-Cultural Competency.

In response to last year’s conference feedback we also added a fourth break-out session to allow for additional and a more diverse range of topics.

Of special note, we were very pleased to have the following two presenters join us.

Maricela Amezola, Esq. offered two sessions on providing support to AB 540 students and the legal implications that impact what support is possible.

Kandy Salas, Ph.D. offered two sessions for staff to share information about our new professional development program and how to use our Student Affairs competencies assessments to develop a personal professional development plan. 

SAPDC 2017 Poster

2017 Presentations


SAPDC 2016 Poster    

2016 marked the 1st Professional Development Day! It was a great success and became an annual event for our division.

2016 Presentations