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 SAND recognizes that CSUSM staff help make this a great place to work, learn, and support others. Every quarter we enjoy the opportunity to recognize some of our amazing staff who are nominated by colleagues. Below is a list of CSUSM employees that were recognized for hard work, helpful attitude, and commitment to the CSUSM mission.

We appreciate you!

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Lisa Tran | Payroll

"Lisa was very responsive [during my leave], gave me accurate information, and went out of her way to make sure I received [everything I needed] during this time. Her efforts helped me through a difficult time, which is invaluable. Thank you Lisa for your hard work! I appreciate it!"

- Dagmar Pavel

Rosa Barr-Williams | Office of Admissions & Student Outreach

"Rosa is the most wonderful person to work with. She always goes above and beyond to help her students and fellow teammates. She's super talented and hard working at both admissions evaluations and outreach. She's kind, hilarious, and always makes you feel great. Her cheerful personality always brightens up the office and I'm so grateful to work with her. Thanks Rosa for being you!"

- Alexandra Tea

Shelley Ross | IITS

"Shelley, you are incredibly knowledgeable and I am regularly and hugely appreciative for all the help you provide. You are always nice, most often way nicer than could be hoped for. I do not know how to accurately state how awesome you are as a professional, but I hope you know it!"

- Sally Serrin Melena

Courtney Tamone | OHR

"Thank you for your unconditional support and willingness to help/assist me whenever I need it. You are my comedic relief and the quintessential piece to our department! I truly could not have the the things I do without you!"

- Rebecca Keenan

Lindsay Swenson | Procurement

"Lindsay is an amazing person and a great asset to the University! She is always ready to help find solutions to our crazy requests, and always with a smile. My job would be far more difficult and a lot less fun, without Lindsay here to help. She has so much knowledge, experience and positive energy. I appreciate you, Lindsay. You are an inspiration to me every day. Thank you!"

- Cindy Gordon

Amy Sprout Extended Learning

"Thank you for coming into this department and having such a positive and lively personality. You make coming to work a joy!"

- Chelsey Novak

Libby Badr | Extended Learning

"Thank you for always being an amazing person to work with! Your 'no problem' attitude and smile make work such a delight! I am very grateful for all you do!"

- Chelsey Novak

Antaniya Fields | Extended Learning

"Thank you for always being thorough and awesome to work with! You are a wonderful colleague and friend. Thank you for being the awesome YOU that you are!"

- Chelsey Novak

Natalie O'Hara | Extended Learning

"Natalie, thank you for always working through the difficult challenges and finding results. I am also very grateful for your willingness to help. You are AWESOME!"

- Chelsey Novak

Luann Cornish | Financial Aid

"You are a real asset to the Financial Aid Department and I hope they realize that!"

Lesley Rankin | FAS

"Lesley has been a star for SHS. SHS has not had an admin for the last three months and Lesley has stepped in to fill a major gap. She has been doing all of our Procard purchases, and I know that this is a lot of extra work for her. This has helped us so much and we all appreciate her helping us."

- Cai Steffler

Janet Morris | CoBA

"Janet is always so ready to help whenever I'm panicking and don't know how to do something. She was my boss when I was a student and I still go to her for anything and everything because she is non-judgmental and always very patient. Plus, she is an expert on everything! Thanks, Jan!! I hope I'm as good as you one day!"

- Shannon Honour

Brenda Dumas | Career Center

"Brenda is simply the BEST! Thank you so much for being you and a person I can go to with any questions or task and receive the answer along with a ton of support."

- Erica Culwell

Kyle Martin IITS

"Nominating Kyle for his great work ethic, skillfulness, and customer service abilities that project a 'pleasure to help' attitude. Not only does he provide excellent technical services to the faculty and staff serviced on campus, but he is a pleasure to work with as a co-worker who is always willing to help. When he learns, he teaches."

- Michelle Manriquez

Amy Mittelstadt | EMS Operations/Registrar

"Amy, I truly appreciate your quick responses and immediate attention. It's lovely working with you, and thank you for being so collaborative with Extended Learning."

- Elizabeth Rosales

Aparajita Saha | EMS Operations/Registrar

"AP, I very much appreciate your time as it relates to Extended Learning projects. It's a joy working with you!"

- Elizabeth Rosales

Kim Kamrath | IITS

"Thank you so much for all your help and patience as I work through the spreadsheet. You have some awesome ideas that I am able to use. Such an asset to the campus."

- Janet Morris

Christiana Moen | Orientation and New Student Programs

"Christiana is extremely hard working. She coordinates the orientation and new student program that introduces students to our campus. Even though she is busy with her work days she also finds the time to connect with her fellow staff by scheduling walk breaks, inviting others to attend staff events, and checking in just to see how someone is doing. She's always ready to lend a listening ear and supports her co-workers with just about anything you can think of. Christiana makes my days better by being a positive force in our office. She deserves a whole lot of recognition not only for her work but for being a star co-worker."