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September 2012 Senate Synopsis

October 2012 Senate Meeting Highlights

Chair Jackie Trischman opened the second Academic Senate meeting of 2012-13 by welcoming a number of guests from the current cohort of Campus Connect. Trischman noted the flurry of business at the CSU system level regarding a proposal to do away with Upper Division General Education.  Fortunately, this proposal was derailed by concerted effort from the Academic Senate of the CSU and many other interested parties.  Instead, there is now a proposal brewing that would reiterate the CSU’s commitment to offering undergraduate degrees of 120 semester units.  Trischman noted that there are only two majors at CSUSM that exceed this limit, and these are working on unit reductions. CSU Board of Trustees member Bernadette Cheyne (faculty trustee from Humboldt) will be on our campus November 6; please save the date for a forum with her during University Hour.  The Strategic Plan for Diversity and Educational Equity is in development, and Trischman encouraged senators to read it and provide feedback to Derrick Crawford at  Trischman also made formal referrals to several standing committees. 

In the major item of business, the Senate approved four Post-Master Certificates for the School of Nursing:  Clinical Nurse Leader, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Family Nurse Practitioner, and Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.  All four of these Certificates consist of existing courses that are being repackaged so that nurses who already have a Masters degree in one of the four areas can get a certificate in one or more of the remaining three areas. These certificates will now be sent to the provost and president for their approval.  The Senate also discussed a proposed certificate in online teaching for the School of Education as well as a revised policy on Latin Honors (cum laude, etc.).  These will be brought back to the Senate for a second reading and vote in November.  Executive Director of Global Education Robert Carolin provided an overview of new and continuing initiatives related to study abroad for students as well as international opportunities for faculty.  He welcomes contact from faculty about any of the programs being offered or started up. Learn more at:

Complete minutes of each Academic Senate meeting are available on the Senate website as soon as they are approved at the following Senate meeting.  The next Senate meeting is Wednesday, November 7, from 1-3 PM in COM 206.  You do not need to be a senator to attend Senate meetings.  All members of the campus community (students, faculty, staff, administrators) are welcome to attend.

Janet McDaniel, Secretary