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September 2012 Senate Synopsis

September 2012 Senate Meeting Highlights

The first Academic Senate meeting of 2012-13 was opened by Chair Jackie Trischman (Department of Chemistry).  Interspersed by introductions of new officers, committee chairs, senators, and administrators, the business of the Senate was begun.  Chair Trischman made a formal referral to the Library and Academic Technology Advisory Committee (LATAC) to monitor CalState Online issues.  She also asked for responses to her upcoming questionnaire about perceived safety issues in parking lots/structures.  President Karen Haynes noted changes coming to the CSU system, many of these associated with personnel issues (new chancellor to be appointed, 10 relatively new campus presidents, 4 new trustees plus student trustee Cipriano Vargas of CSUSM).  The Senate passed two resolutions:  one expressing support for Proposition 30 and the other urging transparency in the search for the CSU chancellor.  AVP for Planning and Academic Resources Graham Oberem provided an enrollment update (we are a bit over our desired goal at this point), and AVP for Academic Programs David Barsky provided a detailed report on the Early Start program that provides summer remediation for incoming first year students.  Complete minutes of each Academic Senate meeting are available on the Senate website as soon as they are approved at the following Senate meeting.  The next Senate meeting is Wednesday, October 3, from 1-3 PM in COM 206.  You do not need to be a senator to attend Senate meetings.  All members of the campus community (students, faculty, staff, administrators) are welcome to attend. 

Janet McDaniel, Secretary