Harry E. Brakebill Distinguished Professor Award 2014/15

Excerpt from the Faculty Awards Policy explaining the nomination process:

"The individual nominating a professor must formally submit a letter that substantiates the nomination to the Senate Office. This letter shall indicate how the nominator knows the nominee, a statement of his/her qualifications as an outstanding professor, and, if a student, courses he/she has taken from the nominee. The same individual(s) shall assist the nominee in obtaining the necessary letters of support. It is recognized that most faculty have excellent records at Cal State San Marcos. However, the record of outstanding performance is often not well documented by the faculty members themselves. It is awkward for a faculty member to solicit such documentation on his/her own behalf. It is important that others in the campus community assist nominees in development of a dossier that accurately represents the individual's performance and impact in teaching as well as the other areas of consideration. Individuals who are invited to submit letters of support should be aware that the dossier is open to the nominee who prepares it."