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CSUSM Academic Senate Standing Committees

In addition to the Executive Committee, there are thirteen standing committees of the CSUSM Academic Senate.  Standing committees are comprised of voting Faculty members and ex-officio/non-voting members.  Additionally, the Student Affairs Committee includes student voting members.  A complete description of each committee's charge (as set forth by the Constitution and Bylaws), membership roster and meeting dates/times/location is found at the corresponding link, below.  Each page (tab) also provides access to committee agendas and minutes.  (Note: The Promotion and Tenure Committee does not provide access to agendas and minutes, as the work of this committee is confidential.)

Outside of the Spring Election process, empty seats may be filled by NEAC appointment (Click on Open Call button, below.)  (PTC Seats must be filled via contested election.)

Open Call - Faculty Service

Questions about the Standing Committees of the Academic Senate at CSUSM?
Contact the specific committee chair, or the Academic Senate office