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Nominations, Elections, Appointments & Constitution Committee (NEAC)

NEAC Agendas and Minutes 19/20 (Accessible to Campus Community)
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Meetings are held: Online and in person, as needed.
Time: Various, per Senate need.

VOTING MEMBERS 19/20 SEAT (Representing)
Teru Toyokawa CEHHS 19-21
Salah Moukhlis Faculty At-large 19-21
Mohamed Abumaye CHABSS  19-21
Sean Visintainer Library  19/20
Richard Hwang CoBA 18-20
Mike Picollelli CSM 18-20, NEAC Committee Chair

Committee Charge: The Nominations, Elections, Appointments, and Constitution Committee shall solicit nominations, prepare slates, and conduct elections for all elected Senate offices, Standing Committees, and Statewide Academic Senate representatives, make nominations to the Senate for committee appointments, recommend ways to improve committee operations and the formation or disbandment of committees, and review and suggest amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws.  In pursuit of these duties, the committee may create ad hoc subcommittees.

NEAC Subcommittee on Academic Senate Reconfiguration

NEAC Subcommittee Report to the Senate Executive Committee - April 10, 2019
MEMBERS  SEAT (Representing)
Moses Ochanji                                                           Professor, School of Education, CEHHS -  Subcommittee Chair 
Allison Carr Academic Transitions Librarian,  Library Teaching and Learning
Sharon Hamill Professor, Psychology, CHABSS; Faculty Director, CSU Institute for Palliative Care at CSUSM
Andre Kundgen Professor, Mathematics, CSM
Michael McDuffie Associate Professor, Philosophy, CHABSS; Department Chair
Laurie Stowell Professor, School of Education, CEHHS (Former Senate Chair)
Alan Styles Professor, Accounting, CoBA

Committee Charge:  The NEAC Subcommittee on Academic Senate Reconfiguration shall review and make recommendations on:
i.   The Size of the Senate
ii.   The composition/representation of the Senate to ensure equity for faculty in small units, as it relates to voting
iii.  Frequency of Senate meetings and efficiency in conducting Senate business