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Program Assessment Committee (PAC)

PAC Agendas and Minutes 18/19 (Accessible to Campus Community)
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Meetings are held:  every other Friday, beginning September 8th.
Time:  11:00 am to 12:30 pm
Location:  KEL-3012
Fall 2018 -  August 31; September 14, 21; October 5; November 2, 16; December 7
Spring 2019 - February 8, 22; March 8, 22; April 12, 26

Note:  *When a program from a committee member's department or associated program is under review, the member may engage in discussions about it, but shall be considered a non-voting member for the purposes of the review.

Voting Members * Seat (Representing)
Antonio Zaldivar CHABSS-HA 18/19
Elizabeth Matthews Interdisciplinary (BA, BS, MA, MS) degree program 17-19  
Sue Thompson Library 17-19
Wenyuh Tsay CoBA 17-19
Sajith Jayasinghe CSM 18-20 - PAC Committee Chair
Xin Ye Faculty At-large 18-20
Joni Kolman Faculty At-large 18-20
Noriko Toyokawa CEHHS 17-19 (Human Development)
Rebecca Brooks CEHHS 18-20 (School of Education)
Staci Beavers CHABSS-BSS 18-20
Non-voting Members  Title
Regina Eisenbach Dean, Academic Programs 
Wesley Schultz Dean, Graduate Studies
Melissa Simnitt Assessment Specialist, Academic Programs
Other Staff Attendee(s) Serving As
Gayle Feallock Administrative Support to PAC

Committee Charge: 
The Program Assessment Committee shall have general oversight of all issues related to the processes of program review. The committee’s duties include, but are not limited to: advising programs undergoing review with regard to the processes, objectives, and specific tasks associated with that review; serving as a liaison among the Senate, Academic Affairs, Dean of Graduate Studies, College/Library Deans, and the programs undergoing review; examining, reviewing, and reporting to the Senate with regard to the progress and outcomes of program review and planning processes; and making recommendations to the Senate regarding the outcomes of these review processes. In pursuit of these duties, the committee may create ad hoc subcommittees.