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Pay Check Distribution

Payroll Warrants

Payroll warrants (pay checks) are distributed by Student Financial Services at the Cashier’s Office in Cougar Central (Craven Hall 3800). 

The warrants are distributed as live checks or direct deposit notices for all employees including staff, faculty, and student assistants.

Pay warrant process for University employees:

  • University employees are paid once per month.  See the pay calendar for dates.
  • Authorized Department Designated Representatives (DDR) can pick up pay warrants after 1:00pm on master payroll dates, and after 10:00am on mid-month pay days. DDRs will distribute warrants in their respective departments immediately after picking up warrants. See the Pay Warrant Distribution Procedures for more information.
  • In the event DDRs did not pick up pay warrants, individuals can pick up after 3:00pm on master payroll dates, and after 1:00pm on mid-month pay days.
  • Special distribution procedures are provided for pay days that occur on campus closure days or holidays.  Instructions are communicated to all employees via email and posted on the CSUSM website.

 Important Pay Warrant Information

  • Each department is responsible for assigning a Department Designated Representative (DDR), and back-up, who is authorized to pick up pay warrants and direct deposit notices for their department. 
  • If a DDR leaves the department, or a department wishes to make a change as to who is authorized as their DDR, a new Pay Warrant DDR Authorization form must be submitted to the Cashier’s Office.
  • All Department Designated Representatives must bring a photo ID when picking up pay warrants on behalf of their department.
  • It is helpful for Department Designated Representatives to know their department ID number(s) prior to arriving at the Cashier’s Office on each pay day.
  • California State law requires all pay warrants and direct deposit notices to be distributed no earlier than 1:00pm on each pay day.  Exceptions cannot be made.
  • It is up to each Department Designated Representative to mail pay warrants for employees who have requested their live check or direct deposit notice to be mailed.  The Cashier’s Office does not mail pay warrants or direct deposit notices.
  • Department Designated Representatives have 5 days from the date they picked up pay warrants and direct deposit notices to distribute to employees.  After the 5th day, DDRs must return any undistributed pay warrants or direct deposit notices to the Cashier’s Office immediately.
  • Pay warrants or direct deposit notices that are not picked up will remain in the Cashier’s Office for a maximum of 90 days.