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Payment Plans

Installment payment plans allow both resident and non-resident students to pay their tuition and fees over four months for a small fee ($25).

The payment plan consists of a down payment that covers mandatory campus fees, with tuition and any course/class fees spread out equally over three installments.

The down payment is due Wednesday, August 21st with the remaining three installments due September 21st, October 21st, and November 21st.

You cannot sign up for an installment payment plan until after you have registered for classes. If you register for additional classes after signing up for an installment payment plan (changing from part-time to full-time for example), your three installment amounts will automatically adjust, and spread the additional amount equally across the three installments. Please pay close attention to the payment amounts and due-dates to avoid late fees and having a hold on your account which would prevent any future registrations.

Sample* Installment Payment Plan Schedule:
 Payment & Deadlines Undergraduates    Credential                   Graduate
Payment Due Date 6 or less units 6.1 or more units 6 or less units 6.1 or more units 6 or less units 6.1 or more units
Down Payment** August 21, 2019 $985.00 $985.00 $985.00 $985.00 $985.00 $985.00
First Installment September 21, 2019 $555.00 +  $25 IPP Fee $957.00 +  $25 IPP Fee $644.00 + $25 IPP Fee $1,110.00 + $25 IPP Fee $694.00 + $25 IPP Fee $1,196.00 + $25 IPP Fee
Second Installment October 21, 2019 $555.00 $957.00 $644.00 $1,110.00 $694.00   $1,196.00
Third Installment November 21, 2019 $555.00 $957.00 $644.00 $1,110.00 $694.00 $1,196.00
  Total $2,675.00 $3,881.00 $2,942.00 $4,340.00 $3,092.00 $4,598.00

*Sample does not include non-resident tuition, graduate professional fee, or Student Involvement & Representation (SIRF) Fee

** Down payment consists of mandatory campus fees only

Installment Payment Plans for Extended Learning Students

Installment payment plans are available for Extended Learning students.  Installment due dates are the same as posted above. (Extended Learning tuition and fees vary, please see Extended Learning Fees for details).

Important Information for Installment Payment Plans

Due dates for installments are fixed, and do not adjust according to your registration date, nor the date you sign up for the installment payment plan. If you register late, and sign up for a payment plan after August 21st, the down payment will be due immediately, with the remaining installments due September 21st, October 21st, and November 21st. In that scenario, failure to pay the down payment immediately may result in having all of your classes dropped.

  • Late payments may incur late fees
  • Any changes to your account after you sign-up for a payment plan will update your payment amounts automatically.  You are responsible to pay the new amounts in full by each due-date.
  • Missed payments (or rejected checks) may result in an inability to use an installment payment plan for future terms, late fees, having all of your classes dropped, and a hold on your account.  If you lose your classes, you may not be able to get back into them due to full classes and wait-lists.
  • Cancellation of your enrollment may result in pro-rated fees charged to your account.
  • Failure to pay may result in additional collection costs, including those associated with referral to a third-party collection agency.

Reminder for Parents

Please remember the student must turn in a FERPA release form to the Cashier’s office before we can disclose any financial information pertaining to the student’s account to you.  The student must bring the FERPA release form and a picture ID to be able to sign the form at the Cashier’s office (located in Cougar Central – Craven Hall 3800).

Contacting Cashiers Office:

Location: Cougar Central, Craven Hall 3800
Phone: (760) 750-4490
Fax: (760) 750-3158