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Fee Deadlines Fall 2020

Big changes coming this Fall as to how you pay your fees!

Starting Fall '20, Housing charges will appear on your student account.

  • More time to pay!

    All charges on your student account will be equally divided across 4 installments (4 months!).

  • Enjoy the extra time for FREE!

    Pay no additional charges for the extra time (Essentially a FREE payment plan!)

  • Financial Aid Benefits!

    Any financial aid you receive in excess of tuition & fees will automatically apply to your housing.

Student in graduate cap with money jar

Fall '20 Installment Deadlines:

  • Installment 1: August 26, 2020
  • Installment 2: September 25, 2020
  • Installment 3: October 25, 2020
  • Installment 4: November 24, 2020


Student Financial Services can be reached at:


Analyzing Your Fall ’20 Account

Starting Fall ’20, all fees on your student account (including Housing) will be split equally into four (4) installments.

In the Finances section of your Student Center, you can view your Account Summary, review an itemized list of charges and payments, and identify how much each installment is, and what date they must be paid by.

To start a review of your account, click the “Account Inquiry” link:

payment screenshot from mycsusm

In the Account Summary page, you can identify what is “Due Now”, and what is due later (“Future Due”). 

 payment screenshot from mycsusm

Important:  Amounts shown next to “Due Now” may not reflect the total owed to the university.  “Due Now” amounts are any charges due within the next 30 days.  Any charges due beyond the next 30 days will show as “Future Due”.

To review all activity on your student account, click the “Activity” link:

 payment screenshot from mycsusm

On the “Account Activity” page, you can review all charges, payments, and refunds.  You can filter by a date range, or by Term.

Important (new for Fall ’20):  Because all charges are automatically split into four installments, each charge will be listed four times on this page, with each line representing one-fourth of the total fee for the term.  For example, the ASI fee is $75 per term.  Since the fee is due in four installments, each installment is listed at $18.75 (for a total of $75).

 payment screenshot from mycsusm

To review the amounts that are due, and by what date, click the “Charges Due” link:

 payment screenshot from mycsusm 

In the “Charges Due” page, you can easily identify how much is due, and by what date.  Each due-date is listed, with a due amount, and a running total that identifies the total fees for the term.  In the example below, the student had four equal installments of $965.25, and the $150 enrollment deposit applied towards the first installment, leaving an amount of $815.25 due on 8/26/2020.

payment screenshot from mycsusm

Important: Because all charges on your student account are split into four installments, when you make your first installment, you will have paid 25% of each fee on your account.  Although there are four due-dates, students can pay in excess of the due amount, or pay in-full, as long as the minimum due-amount is paid by each due date.

If you would like to review a quick summary of payments that have posted to your account (including any Financial Aid)

 payment screenshot from mycsusm

On the “Payments” page, you will see a quick summary of all credits that have posted to your student account:

 payment screenshot from mycsusm

If you have questions about your student account, a member of Student Financial Services can help!  Contact us, Monday through Friday, 8AM to 5PM, at 760-750-4490, or