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Hepatitis B Requirement

The requirement for Hepatitis B applies to CSUSM First Year students or Transfer Students 18 years of age or younger.

Students have one semester to comply or they will not be permitted to register for a second semester. Registration holds are placed if proof of immunization has not been submitted to SHCS prior to priority registration date. Any one of the following options will be accepted to fulfill this requirement:

STEP 1: Get Written Proof of Immunity
You must submit proof of full immunization to Hepatitis B. Full immunization consists of three (3) injections for Hepatitis B that are given over a 4-6 month period.  If you need to start or finish the Hepatitis B series, please call us to schedule an appointment. 

In order to avoid an Immunization Hold or to clear an existing one, view or download our Certificate of Immunization Form including more detailed information.

STEP 2: Provide Proof of Immunity to Student Health & Counseling Services
You may either bring your proof of immunity to Student Health & Counseling Services the following ways:

By Mail:
Student Health and Counseling Services
333 South Twin Oaks Valley Road
San Marcos, CA 92069-0001

By Fax:
(760) 750-3181

In Person:
Bring proof to the Front Desk at Student Health and Counseling Services

If you mail your proof, be sure to include your: Name and social security number, your date of birth, a return address and a telephone number.

STEP 3: If you don't have proof of immunity to Hepatitis B...
Make an appointment to receive your Hepatitis B vaccination. There is a small fee for the Hepatitis B vaccine. Or you can make an appointment for a blood test to check the immunity levels for Hepatitis B if you cannot find your immunization record.

Anyone under the age of 18 will need to bring in our signed parental minor consent form before immunization can be given at SHCS.

If you have further questions regarding immunization requirement verification, please see Immunization Requirement FAQ's. For more information regarding the Hepatitis B vaccine, please see the CDC Hepatitis B Vaccine factsheet.