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YOU@CSUSM - Succeed, Thrive, Matter

Adapting to a new campus can be exciting, daunting, and nerve-wracking whether you're a first year student or a transfer student. College life can bring questions to mind that range from how to get involved on campus, relationships or how to score well on your upcoming midterms. No matter what you’re up against, the online resource called  YOU@CSUSM is built to connect you to campus information, resources and even quick pick-me-ups.

YOU@CSUSM is a wellness portal and the first technology of its kind, to personalize campus resources to the individual user. It’s as intuitive and informative as social media, but maintains your privacy and anonymity. It’s like Google, if Google knew what interested and worried you every day.


This online portal exists to help CSUSM students succeed in academics and career readiness, thrive in areas of personal wellness, and matter by finding motivation and involvement.

  • In each of these three core areas, users can take Reality Check quizzes to assess their current strengths and challenges.
  • Based on this secure information, the system serves up on-campus resources, wellness tips, modules, and other helpful tools based on your needs.
  • From here, the student can save resources, commit to take action and set goals. 

Because the portal is so personalized, it adapts to your experience as your stressors, lifestyle, and needs change throughout college. Moreover, YOU does not have the time and physical restrictions of many other outlets.

When the gym closes before your de-stress session, or your best friend isn’t answering their phone, or you can’t make an appointment at Student Health & Counseling Services, YOU is still online and available, 24/7/365.   

Even before you get to campus, log onto YOU to create a profile to learn about intramural sports, volunteer opportunities, transition resources and more. Add YOU to your list of reliable places to turn when you need to reach out, reflect, or refresh.  

Visit to get started.