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Steps to Follow After a Car Accident

  1. Evaluate any injuries
  2. Move the vehicles to the shoulder if possible and safe to do so
  3. Turn off vehicle engines and turn on hazard flashers
  4. Call local law enforcement/emergency responders as appropriate
  5. Notify UPD at 760-750-4567 and your supervisor
  6. DO NOT discuss the accident with anyone EXCEPT law enforcement, SHS, or your supervisor
  7. Take pictures of the scene and complete Form STD 270
  8. Have your supervisor complete STD 274
  9. Submit forms STD 270 and STD 274 to SHS within 24 hours*
  10. Take a deep breath – you are going to be OK.

Forms can be submitted to SHS by:

Fax: 760-750-3396

California State University San Marcos
Attention: Safety, Health & Sustainability
333 South Twin Oaks Valley Road
San Marcos, CA  92096

Questions? UPD: 760-750-4567 | SHS: 760-750-4502 or

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