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Miscellaneous Waste

Empty Helium Tank Management

  • Turn the top valve counter-clockwise. Turn the valve to the left until it can’t go any further.
  • Push the tilt nozzle down to release the pressure from the tank. This nozzle is the lever that you push to fill the balloons with helium. You will hear a hissing sound as the nozzle goes down, this is the pressure being released from the tanks. Hold the nozzle down until the noise stops, indicating that all the pressure has been released.
  • Puncture the side of the relief disc. Before attempting to puncture the disc, put on safety glasses and gloves. Find the relief disc on the back shoulder of the helium tank. This is often labelled to help you locate it. Place the head of a screwdriver onto the disc and use a hammer to bang on the top of the screwdriver handle. Continue hitting the screwdriver until you puncture a hole.
  • Draw a circle around the hole and mark it as empty. Use a permanent marker to circle the hole in the tank where the relief disc was. Below the circle write that the tank is “empty.”
  • Take the tank to the USB scrap metal bin for recycling.