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Service Learning Designation Request

Step 1 -  Complete the CSU Community-Engaged Learning Tool

The Community-Engaged Learning Tool provides a series of questions based on the CSU-CEL Taxonomy: Classifying a Student — Centered Approach to Community-Engaged Learning Courses (.pdf). It is designed for CSU faculty to identify where a course falls along the spectrum of CEL. Check out the FAQs Faculty Guide. 

Note: For each course, this form need only be completed once every 3 years as long as you are not making significant changes in your approach to Service Learning.

You will need this designation to fill out step two below.  

Complete the Survey

Step 2 - Complete the CSUSM Service Learning Designation Request Form

This form will allow designation change for a course in PeopleSoft.  A course must have the Service Learning designation in order to appear in the Service Learning Database.

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