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M:POWR Mural Project

Mountain Shadows: Painting Our World Radiantly (M:POWR)

The Mountain Shadows: Painting Our World Radiantly (M:POWR) mural project, began in Spring 2013 and allows TLC/MIL students to paint murals, drum, and bond with participants from Mountain Shadows - a local non-profit that supports individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Learn more by watching a short info session here

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A partnership between TLC, Mountain Shadows, Art Miles Mural Project, and recognized by UNESCO. Open to all CSUSM students @ any time. TLC students count these projects toward campus or civic engagement & will earn a UNESCO certificate if they complete 7 hours minimum with any combination of these activities.

  • Art Lessons w/ UNESCO Commissioner: Dr. Joanne Twafilis & Drumming w/ Aki

    Dr. Joanne Twafilis

    Join us every Tuesday for an art lesson with Dr. Tawfilis or drumming with Aki! Art lessons will be centered around UNESCO's pillars of peace and unity. Students & Mountain Shadows Participants who have intellectual disabilities gather each week to learn art, drumming, and culture. Everyone will submit your final art pieces for an end of year virtual auction in April!! 

    Free kits with pre-sketched pieces are available for pick-up at Mountain Shadows Outreach Services: 970 Los Vallecitos Blvd, Suite 140 from 9am-3pm Monday-Friday.

    Every Tuesday February 16th - April 23  


  • Weekly Video Blog

    1. Read books aloud, do a short educational, lifestyle video of you hiking, living your life or blog, for 5-10 minutes weekly. 
    2. Film yourself through Zoom 
    3. Upload your Zoom recording to a shareable YouTube link
    4. Flor will partner you with 1-2 Mountain Shadows participants in hopes that you two can share emails about the reading. 
    5. We would love to have more bilingual participants because our Mountain Shadows friends are also bilingual. 

    Send your link by Wednesday each week to:

    Flor Angel, Outreach Director at: 

    Student reading a book
  • Pen Pals

    Student writing

    Getting back to the joy of snail mail and connection. Join us in our new pen-pal connection with Mountain Shadows' participants! TLC students will be paired with one or more participant. 

    Send your letters to:

    Flor Angel
    970 Los Vallecitos Blvd Suite 140
    San Marcos, CA 92069
    You can drop off your letter in front of Outreach (at the above address) between 9 AM – 3 PM Monday - Friday and wait for a response.

  • Weekly Zoom 1:1 Calls

    MPOWR zoom with mountain shadows participants image

    Mountain Shadows participants love engaging with TLC students and you will too! 

    Flor will work with you to find a weekly date and time that works with you and a Mountain Shadows participant to meet via Zoom on a weekly basis. If you are interested in connecting virtually and making a new friend, email Flor Angel to sign-up:


Spring 2019 Mpowr
Chris and Kenny
  • WE can all come together and create something beautiful, no matter how different we are.

    - Stacey S.

    - Stacey S.
  • What was most rewarding about this experience was painting with everyone and just having a good time enjoying each other’s company.

    - Jeff M.

    - Jeff M.
  • Empathy between all types of people makes us better leaders.

    - Cory F.

    - Cory F.
  • It means community and participation in something bigger than myself. I feel good, happy, and like I’m putting good into the world.

    - Alexa D.

    - Alexa D.

Program Partners Include:

  • Art Miles Mural Project
  • Mountain Shadows Outreach Programs
  • San Marcos Arts Council 

The connection to UNESCO: 

We are very fortunate that our Art Miles partner, Dr. Joanne Tawfilis, is also a commissioner for the United Nations and provides TLC/MIL students with a UNESCO certificate if students are: 

  1. Officially enrolled in the TLC or MIL program and complete all other program criteria within one semester; 
  2. Complete 7 or more hours at Mountain Shadows within one semester. No exceptions.