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Peer Leadership Team

Our amazing Peer Leadership Team (PLT) is comprised of diverse and dynamic student leaders who volunteer their time to mentor students completing our Tukwut Leadership Circle and TLC Multicultural Intelligence & Leadership certificates. 

Peer Leadership Team


Jordan Bagley (he/him) 


Major: Literature & Writing Studies; Minor: Theater 


"I hope students join the TLC/MIL because these leadership certificates are a great way to get to know the campus, meet like-minded student leaders, and gain personal and professional development while strengthening their resumes."

Additional involvements: Orientation Team and Theater


Bri Schottmiller (she/her)

Major: Finance & Economics Minor


"Being a part of this program forces you to open up your perspective and learn from a new lens. In that process, you also get to meet and interact with fellow students and staff that make the experience incredible."

Additional Involvements: Alpha Xi Delta & Associated Students


Celmar Navaluna (she/her) 

Major: Kinesiology


 "I hope students join TLC because the program offers opportunities pivotal to the student's educational success and leadership development." 


Hemalatha Athawale (she/her)

Major/Degree: Masters in Biotechnology  


"The MIL and TLC programs helped me be committed to to the right thing by my community by acknowledging my personal strengths and sociatal privileges and conscously working towards restorative justice." 

Additional Involvements: Global Connections


Jennifer Karlsson (she/her)

Major: Global Business Management 


"My experience in the TLC has been so helpful and meaningful in finding myself as a leader but also in learning to be a leader that is inclusive and respectful to others."

Additional Involvements: American Association of University Women,Global Supply Chain Management Society,Management Society,Society for Human Resource Management 


Kylee Shimono (she/her)

Major: Environmental Studies; Minor in Communications


"The TLC focuses on interpersonal development of your own leadership skills, and it helps you gain connections with other leaders on campus so that we can all work together in supporting each other's goals."

Additional involvements: Orientation Team, Gama Phi Beta


Madlyn Francis (she/her)

Major: Nursing 


"Through TLC, I was able to view myself as a leader not only because this program helped me develop my skills more indepthly, but it also helped me figure out that I am a leader without having to change myself."

Additional involvements: Orientation


Reignmarc Vincent Labuguen Lariosa (he/him) 

Major: Media Studies 


"In getting more involved in the TLC program as a MIL participant, the more I understood the benefits of career-enhancing skills leadership creates, I am thrilled to continue my leadership journey as a peer leader."


Serenity Pulido (she/her)

Major: Criminology and Sociology 


"I hope students join TLC because anyone can be a leader and the program helps students learn more about themselves and what makes them a leader!"

Additional involvements: Orientation Team, Gama Phi Beta

Student Leadership & Involvement Center (SLIC)(760) 750-4970slic@csusm.eduUniversity Student Union 3600 Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm