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TLC Criteria

  1. Take the TypeFocus Self-Assessment - Myers-Briggs Personality Type Inventor and write down your results. 
  2. Submit your TLC enrollment information on our Interest Form by 9/17 
  3. Set 2 Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely (SMART) Goals 
  4. Peer Leader Check-In Meetings:
    1. Enrollment 
    2. Mid-Semester
    3. Graduation 
  5. Mandatory TLC Theory Workshop
  6. Mandatory TLC Resume Writing Workshop
  7. Attend 5 additional TLC Workshops of your choosing (Thursdays @ 12pm-12:50pm)
  8. 7 Campus Engagement Events (Approved list or M:POWR
  9. 7 Civic Engagement Events (M:POWR/UNESCO Mural Optional)

Final requirements include:

  1. Reflection Paper 
  2. Graduation Application w/ final resume and LinkedIn (Optional)
  3. Panel Exit Interview



Campus Engagement

Definition: Any on-campus event that involves student participation in discussion or observation of culture, humanity, and leadership. Approved list. 

campus involvement

Civic Engagement

Definition: Volunteering at a non-profit or agency that serves traditionally underrepresented and underserved groups. Consider our M:POWR Mural project or see list of possible opportunities and CSUSM's Week of ServiceMPOWR